My 8 Marvelous mental health strategies

The last couple of days I have done these things to help keep my mental health in tip-top shape:

1) Daily walk - Actually yesterday it was times two because I was feeling peeved and rather than sit around stewing, I took a walk and let off some steam!  There is research that suggests a daily walk can help up to seventy percent of people who experience depression.  If done regularly it may be curative for some people. (Reference: ) 
2) Creative task - I decorated my fake-leather phone case with a few different nail polishes and a pen.  When I used the pen, I went over it with clear nail polish.  It looks great and is cheering me up as I type as it's in bold colours.  The original colour was coming off the outside case due to wear and tear.  It cost me nothing except time and I only used a little polish.
3) Cheerful walking shoes - These shoes are comfortable, with bright pink shoelaces, and they keep me smiling while I walk.
4) A declutter - Yesterday afternoon I felt better than I had and got stuck into badly needed tidying, reorganising and decluttering and cleaning which made a major difference to how I felt and how I use my space.  It also gave me more clarity about what I need when shopping.
5) Simplify Celebrations -Ticked off most of my Christmas and birthday shopping in one hit, and one store which had a variety of hot drinking products of premium quality that I know and love.  My friends and family have also given me great feedback to date so I am going with a winning strategy.
6) Making sure I eat enough nutrient dense food - It is important to maintain healthy blood sugar for both mood and thyroid health.
7) Flowers - after my walk I picked some beautiful roses and placed them on the dining table set with pretty throw and cleaned up.
8) Black tea - when needing to calm down I find milky black tea invaluable.  It seems to be good for my general mental health.

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