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Many moons ago I worked for a not for profit organisation that helped people who were experiencing prolonged unemployment and lacked employment and life skills.  My boss who I managed me by mentoring me well (not a huge fan of being supervised, just give me the job though and it will get done efficiently) told me about his previous employment working with people with drug addictions that were ruining their lives.  The program my boss created which involved little else other than taking people out of their comfort zone in the wilderness had a high success rate with low recidivism of addicted people.  People turned their lives around for little outlay for the not for profit who managed it.  Despite all this the government decided to stop funding it.  My boss told me that drug and alcohol addiction and other programs that serve the community frequently lose funding and then cost the government more money on other more expensive less effective programs.  The mind boggles.

Some programs hoping to prevent problem in young people include this program drawing on military training ethos: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-04-17/military-style-school-program-aims-to-teach-students-discipline/8447272

I was watching Dr Oz the other night as I could not sleep and was inspired by a program started by a local in the US in a poor area who wanted the children to do better with life and stay out of trouble.  The program is called the Camden Sophisticated Sisters and placed emphasis on homework after school, exercise, music and art and the founder is strict with the children and gets results year after year.  Their mission is To motivate, educate, discipline and empower our youth through the structure of a drill team and the performing arts.  

Those looking to instil discipline in your children, or with children under your care, may find the resources on this website helpful.  Again, I have only had a cursory look but it looks like a useful program for people caring for children. There are plenty of useful resources including cards to prompt healthy discipline and books to with strategies.

This article by Parenting Science on how to foster self control and discipline in children based on recent research may be helpful.  There is a fascinating piece in this article on changing a child's prognosis of poor memory to normal memory with a little work in as little as six weeks.  This is a very balanced article for every day: http://www.parentingscience.com/teaching-self-control.html

Six ways to discipline children that work by experts:


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