Happy healthy hormones - part 2

This is well worth reading for any woman coming off birth control and/ or who does not have regular menstrual cycles (periods).  Recommendation number three is really important, we need food!  It's no problem for me, I do love my carbs and get headaches if I do not eat enough carbohydrates (found out from trying a restricted carbohydrate diet which was supposed to heal my body and actually made me worse over time years ago.  Did nothing good for my wallet or sanity either!  I do love gnocchi and sushi - soooooo much!!!  I am making bacon laced pumpkin soup at the minute!  Yum!!!):

The comments on these articles can help people know that they are one of many people struggling.

This product may help women and men looking to conceive and women who want to regulate their periods/ menstrual cycle.  I have to wait to see if mine has been affected before I try anything like this.  I am taking similar supplements at the moment and have ordered a broad spectrum daily vitamin to help things work better but this is another way to do things.  From the reading I have done, the pill reduces key vitamins and minerals which are critical to good health and hormonal wellbeing.  I know that there are programs that natural fertility specialist design that use similar vitamins and minerals to help things along, particularly iodine.  I recommend talking to a qualified health professional to check that it is safe for you to take any product: http://www.fertilaid.com/fertilaid-women-supplement-facts

Coming off birth control pill, IUD etc?  This articles may be useful:

This article may help women with irregular and frequent cycles:

For couples looking to conceive naturally, these resources may be useful:

This natural fertility program has an 85 per cent success rate, compared to 5 to 30 percent success for IVF alone which reduces with age and may increase risk to mother and child by not fixing maternal health:

Online fertility information and program:

If you want to conceive and have a healthy baby you may want to give up coffee, entirely (not good!).  Still, if you want to avoid pregnancy, I guess hit the coffee?!  This article is worth reading if you are considering IVF:

This site may be worth exploring.  I have not spent much time on it but it does recommend iodine to help with conception and healthy pregnancy which any successful natural conception program I have read about does:

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