Happy healthy hormones - part 1

I would not use these articles as medical advice but they do make for interesting reading!  

It certainly does not hurt to eat well and go for a wander when we can.  I just took off for a walk and I am hoping to do a little more exercise.  My fatigue in the morning is still pretty awful but I am getting some energy later in the day which is an improvement at the moment (how sad/ annoying!).  I am trying to use that energy to hopefully get my body back into a healed state.  I had almost given up.

I am not about to give up the occasional day of two cups of chocolate notes in espresso coffee but this is food for thought.  From what I have read, two cups of coffee a day, assuming you do not receive side effects like heart palpitations, can help the liver detox.  I have been drinking honey, lemon and zinc powder which seems to be helping my body heal.  Actually, I am drinking a cup of espresso machine coffee as I type this.  I certainly do not drink coffee everyday, half the time I have black tea and green tea.  

Nor am I about to give up herbal tea yet but then I have different teas all the time and do not have them in excess either.  Mind you, my progesterone levels are probably fine though I know my testosterone levels were low, probably due to the pill (birth control) and a zinc deficiency (which can be caused by the pill and/or other conditions).  Once I have come up with a plan and my body feels like it is better I will ask the doctor for more hormone panels (expensive but worth it).  I always start the day with a glass or two of water and drink plenty throughout the day!

I do not tend to do well on consuming much in the way of beans including fermented soy products.  The last time I went on a health kick and included lots of vegetables and plenty of fermented soy I ended up throwing up on the side of the road.  I personally do alright on a little fried tofu (with rice and fillings at the sushi bar) and miso.  The thought of ever eating natto again, ick!  I would proceed with caution and just including a serving or two a week in your diet if it is something you want to try.  Seriously though, fried tofu with sushi and sushi in general...yum!!!  Pickled ginger, soy sauce, rice and a fried tofu is a breakfast made in heaven (if you slept in and dragged yourself to work then stopped off at the local sushi bar because no food until midday is not a good idea when you walk, talk and file like a whirlwind administrator)!

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