Coffee on a cool Saturday morning

After adding a little butter to my morning for a couple of days to give my hormones a kick I thought I might read some articles on "bullet proof coffee" which is much higher than my half a teaspoon was.  Today I ditched the added butter and just had a steamed milk and coffee concoction.  I really could do with adding some coffee art to my great tasting coffee!

For those of you considering bullet proof coffee, you may find these articles informative.  I personally do not recommend bullet proof coffee as it seems an expensive exercise, where you have to buy your ingredients exclusively from the person who created the idea which always makes me suspicious.  Some claims such as myotoxins in coffee appear to be factually incorrect, and the high fat content seems a little extreme:

This man is a fan with a few warnings:

Links to examples of coffee art:

This is not what I think of when I say coffee art.  I think of drawings in coffee foam.  Nonetheless, this is "such fun!":

Using coffee foam to make 3D art is also not what I was thinking because it had not occurred to me:

Art made from coffee beans!  Also not what I was thinking of but how cool:

Ah, see this is what I was thinking of! :

Now, this has made me crave another cup of coffee.  Off to read the paper and drink in some coffee goodness!


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