A pot of milky tea at the home front

Today I am reading post on war time rationing while drinking ration strength milk laced tea.   It is rather appropriate that while I write this I am in a freezing study that is warming up slowly with the wood heater I have got back to burning efficiently this morning (heater in another room).  I do have an efficient electric heater but it needs some maintenance that I will have to do in the next week or so.  I am hoping a clean will fix it, so far a thorough clean has fixed the dishwasher (not at all 1940s but appropriately efficient with water) and coffee machine (a modern espresso machine but I guess they had stove top espresso machines in some places - then again the metal probably went to making planes and tea with porcelain pots was the thing!  This week has mainly involved instant coffee and tea which is rather on point).

With the world on the verge of world war three this knowledge certainly can not go astray.  Due to healing my thyroid with iodine and other supplements, at the moment I have reduced my thyroid medication due to my body losing energy by taking them (for the first time) and horrendous fatigue.  I'm hoping I can come off medication but not iodine and supplements entirely.  Time will answer that question but I will not take any risks and will take medication if needed.  Just coming off the birth control pill may be the reason my body is acting like it does not need thyroid medication as the contraceptive pill is, according to my reading this week, purported to deplete key nutrients and slow down the thyroid to the point of causing hypothyroidism according to Dr Brownstein (  http://www.newsmax.com/Health/Dr-Brownstein/hormones-thyroid-hypothyroidism-birth-control/2016/02/24/id/715950/  ).  Mind you, I have checked my AM temperature and I definitely need iodine to start my day which does bring it up and keeps it healthy through the day so far (I will have thyroxine in my body for the next three weeks so I may need to stay on a low dose permanently).  Iodine would have been a treatment of choice during the Second World War for hypothyroidism along with thyroid glandulars (effectively thyroxine and slow release active hormone T3 made from cows or pigs thyroids) which many thyroid patients swear by (I did not find I could take them permanently the last time I tried them but everyone is different and another time they might be right for me as our health changes over time).

I can drink a little proper full cream milk (cows) and am eating a little lactose free cheese with no trouble (not sure my body is up to proper cheese) and will add a little butter in for fatty acids next week.  Actually the amount of butter I will try will be half a WW2 ration (UK)!

I have been eating mainly oat bread which I make from oats, a little gluten free sorghum flour, yeast, sugar for the yeast to feed on, water and it's solid but hearty fare that tastes good.  Nothing delicate about it.  If you eat normal wheat laced bread and porridge for breakfast in vast quantities, adding a little left over porridge to a normal loaf of bread is a distinct possibility and should add a lovely flavour and texture (best to look up a recipe if bread making is not something you do regularly).

Last night, I fixed up my slippers and can not believe I did not do so earlier.  The last few years, after discovering a sale version of Hoodies For Your Feet Slippers by Grosby (I adore these butterfly ones: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-GROSBY-BUTTERFLY-HOODIE-WOMENS-BOOTS-SLIPPERS-/361949610619?var=&hash=item5445e0c27b:m:m8ygFBPiyzT0_TUf39bAGlw ) in cheerful colours, I have bought a new pair every twelve months or so and not considered competitors.  The price has since increased and even though these are great quality and seriously comfortable, and highly addictive by people that discover them, I thought I might try sheepskin slippers with thicker soles this winter as I expect them to be warmer and last longer (based on their use as a child/ teenager).  The only down fall to the Hoodies For Your Feet are the thin soles and the reason for repeated purchase.  

While I wait for my new slippers to wend their way to me via post I fixed my slippers and can get a little more wear out of them.  After a while the bottom of the slippers where there is material and stuffing wears down.  Last night in a fit on inspiration based on finding that sheepskin manufacturers sell sheepskin inserts for their slippers and shoes to help them last and make feet warm I made my own (cost thirty dollars plus generally).   I cut up some woolly fabric scraps I had into the shape of slippers and placed them in as inserts, mended the fabric and sole that had split in places and now I have wonderfully warm slippers again for a little work and little money!  I can get more use out of these and keep them as spares for a while if need be.  I can not believe it took me that long to make inserts for them, my feet are so much warmer!

Articles I have been reading this morning:

Thyroid patients may find this supplement useful.  I use Lugols iodine diluted down and other supplements including iron, magnesium, vitamin C (using lemon juice), zinc and selenium: https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/MediHerb/Thyroid-Complex#.WPPP24VOKUk

Treatment protocols for thyroid disease by Mercola:

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