A not depressing Great Depression inspired frugal post

Yesterday, my back was very painful and had been getting worse for days despite short walks and stretches.  In a fit of desperation and because I was planning on seeing my Mum anyway, I walked an initially agonising walk to see her.  The first few minutes were tough because I felt dizzy (probably due to my back being out of wack).  Thankfully, I persisted and as well as getting an airing and seeing Mum (who kindly dropped me back to where I am staying or I would have taken the bus back) my back is feeling almost pain free.  Okay, no where near pain free but much improved.  The last bit was really tough and I slept like a log last night which I am grateful for as I only got one and a half hours sleep the night before.  There's the distinct possibility I will pay for that walking for the next week or so but so far today I am sore but not flattened (yet).  I did get to bed early and it was so good to get a good nights sleep.  I missed most of the television I had on due to shut eye!

When I went to see my Mum yesterday and saved my petrol by walking (not my Mums! ooops!) which was no doubt de rigueur during The Depression she made some vegetable soup with dried beans and greens from her garden, stock and pumpkin.  As someone who has considered the odd mutiny due to too much soup and is not traditionally a huge fan I seem to be enjoying it lately.  Mum was not impressed with her efforts and called it "gruel" but I was quite happy with the soup and not fussed about food after walking.  I imagine people were never thrilled with financial constraint but if they managed to get through The Great Depression with penny pinching without losing their homes many would have been incredibly grateful. 

Recipe ideas from The Great Depression that can help us all stretch our food and wallet!

Cooking tips from The Great Depression:

Breakfasts from The Great Depression:

Easy ways to incorporate Depression frugality into modern life:

A tip the above writer did not mention was at least growing herbs and trying to grow greens in a pot or your garden if you can.  It all helps!  I personally think it is possible to grow most food from scratch even if you work if you get into a routine.  There will be times when people are sick or trying to do more than normal when they can not but food like scones and soup do not take that much work and can be made in batches when you have time  Learning to make your own yogurt is easy, takes hardly any time and saves a fortune.  It's sometimes not as good as the bought stuff but if you add in honey, vanilla essence or cinnamon, a little jam or berries it is fine.  I even enjoy plain yogurt frozen in a small container as a dessert!

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