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To the invisible beach hut! (frugality with house ownership in mind)

One of these days I might just get my beach house.  I am least going to try without driving myself too mad.
Things I have done recently: 1) My jeans are about to spring a leak due to their cheaper quality denim and my insistence to live in them.  After trying all but one op shop in my local area for jeans that fit I almost gave up.  I actually found that my muscular calves were an issue quite a few times when trying on jeans.  I am used to my less than svelte stomach and average sized hips being a problem but not my calves.  Do other women not exercise at all?!  It's not like I am working out much considering my health these days.  Anyway, on the last op-shop I found two jeans I fit in and a pair of slacks that will do as a jean substitute.  All good quality and all around $5 each.  I did buy a pair that need sexier footwear, I will keep an eye out for something but we are hitting moccasin weather, so boots or boots is the likely outcome.  2) Half living on a vat of pumpkin s…

Bubble economics website

To better understand economic bubbles this website is worth a look:

AFR: Boom town over

The proverbial hits the fan in Canada, will Australia follow?

Canadian housing bubble pops:
SMH's lead story is that Sydney house prices are down for the first time in eighteen months.  Admittedly, only by an average of 0.1 per cent.  With most major lenders now in agreement and raising interest rates again, once a price drop combined with low auction clearance rate, starts it may gather momentum at a breath-taking speed.

What GFC? Australians catching up with the US subprime mortgage scandal

The Australian federal government is looking to invest in infrastructure to get the country through and expected residential building and residential sales down turn according to this article:

I do think investing in infrastructure is a smart way to boost the economy.  It is sustainable and actually produces something concrete along with skilled jobs and better, safer communities if the money is intelligently allocated.  
Foreign property buyer interest in Australia halved:
Australians, and Australian banks, learnt nothing from the lessons of the US subprime mortgage crisis and many are destined to repeat the mistakes.  Low Doc Loans given out like candy, so adults respond like spoilt children i…

My body says no way

Recently, I have been enjoying more activity including walking and bike riding on a stationary bike.  Due to relatively minor chronic fatigue side effects with the odd short lived major side effect the indulgence in exercise has been primarily enjoyable which is a rare thing for a CFS affected person to say. 
Quite kindly my body has been warning me that if I continue with such enthusiasm it will ramp up its response.  Forgive me for being human but the side effects were overall tolerable so I kept at it.  They were tolerable until yesterday.  Today, the intolerable side effects kicked in faster and harder than yesterday so it is back to more resting and a gentler approach to exercise.
Unfortunately, exercise intolerance is a symptom of classic chronic fatigue. 
Things to do that help me with exercise intolerance: restgentle pace of exercise and limit my daily walking to twenty minutes a day on average for a whileeat nutrient dense food with the odd treatplenty of coffee (I find it help…

Corn meal muffins

Just made corn meal savoury muffins with 2 cups of polenta; 2 cups Rice flour; kale finely chopped; about a cup of hot milk and 2 tablespoons of melted butter, 2 eggs mixed in at the end, cooked bacon pieces, kale, salt and pepper.  I made it up as I went along along.  I used lactose free milk.  They are yummy.  Next time I will add onion or garlic.

Reading picks - coffee, energy saving, real estate etc

I'm about to make a second hot cup of coffee and psych myself up to make some thing for afternoon tea in a minute.  When you have a moment, here's some reading on all kinds of things from around the web.
Good grief.  Give me coffee and tea over this sugar laden drink:
People designing homes with keeping bills low.  I'm not sure it's a trend so much as sensible.  Clearly you have to be able to manage it in a budget but it is possible to save up and add things on to houses.  Orientating housing to the sun, insulation, thick curtains and a quality heater are affordable for most and a good place to start.
Read about low bills for energy here:
How to make lactose free cheese out of lactose free milk, yogurt and a couple of other th…

My 8 Marvelous mental health strategies

The last couple of days I have done these things to help keep my mental health in tip-top shape:
1) Daily walk - Actuallyyesterday it was times two because I was feeling peeved and rather than sit around stewing, I took a walk and let off some steam!  There is research that suggests a daily walk can help up to seventy percent of people who experience depression.  If done regularly it may be curative for some people. (Reference: )  2) Creative task - I decorated my fake-leather phone case with a few different nail polishes and a pen.  When I used the pen, I went over it with clear nail polish.  It looks great and is cheering me up as I type as it's in bold colours.  The original colour was coming off the outside case due to wear and tear.  It cost me nothing except time and I only used a little polish. 3) Cheerful walking shoes - These shoes are comfortable, with bright pink shoelaces, and they keep …

Coffee on a cool Saturday morning

After adding a little butter to my morning for a couple of days to give my hormones a kick I thought I might read some articles on "bullet proof coffee" which is much higher than my half a teaspoon was.  Today I ditched the added butter and just had a steamed milk and coffee concoction.  I really could do with adding some coffee art to my great tasting coffee!
For those of you considering bullet proof coffee, you may find these articles informative.  I personally do not recommend bullet proof coffee as it seems an expensive exercise, where you have to buy your ingredients exclusively from the person who created the idea which always makes me suspicious.  Some claims such as myotoxins in coffee appear to be factually incorrect, and the high fat content seems a little extreme:…

Honey and lemon water benefits

I have been drinking honey, lemon, Ethical Nutrient Zinc supplement and hot water for the last fortnight and it seems to help me feel more human.  Zinc is one of those supplements that you need to be careful with and make sure you have a deficiency, with copper and other co-nutrients, and not use with out the occasional break.
This article about potential health benefits of plain lemon juice, honey and hot water makes for fascinating reading:
It has to be said, I enjoy a cup of hot honey and lemon with water but I can not see myself giving up caffeine in the morning.  Yesterday I drank three espresso strength coffees and slept like a log.  So nice to sleep well!
This fellow Tasmanian wrote an article on spending a year drinking honey and lemon drinks daily and noticing benefits.  I am sharing because this bit made me giggle early in the morning "It used to take me at least an hour to open my second eye and stop grunting at people…

They said it would never happen

The CBA has raised rates on its investor loan book with the greatest raise going to the highest risk category, interest only investor loans.  Personally I think that there should be a minimum deposit on and/or significant equity in a property in order to get a loan.  Our banks have provided similar services as led to the GFC and people have accepted high risk on a wing and a prayer.  We are doing the same thing as other countries, where it lead to mass financial losses and property down turns, and hoping for a different result. 
There are some commentators that would blame the banks and call for a Royal Commission.  While I understand this sentiment, banks like retailers will only provide services that people are willing to take on.  If people are willing to risk it all, in a game of mortgage casino and they lose, then the bank really is not the primary culprit.  The government however should see that all loans, except emergency interest only owner occupiers loans for home owners in…

I am a PAAP (Person Appathetic About Property)

The more investor owned housing I see listed online and in print with money spent on expensive-reeks-of-desperation huge print advertising the more I feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) slip out the window with the wind.  I get calmer by the day particularly when I see a listing from twelve months ago that is once again testing the market at an unrealistic price and getting the same response.
This article suggests that I am right to let the FOMO go:

Personally, I refuse to be a land lord and to buy anything other than vacant property.  I will not be the one turfing a family onto the street.  A cursory glance at Gumtree's real estate listings for Hobart three or four days ago showed a sharp increase in families with four children looking for rental which I find both scary and bizarre given generous family tax benefits for families of t…

Status Update : off Yaz (and Levlen ED)

As I type I am drinking my second coffee of the day.  The first was laced with a little butter and I have lost weight so it certainly has not hurt.  In fact today I would have to say I am leaking water weight.  I'm spending so much time in loo I better go and give it a good clean it's a day, or so, overdue for.  I have gone
It is unlikely, from what I have read and based on my morning temperature, to have much thyroid medication, if any, in my system now.  My body feels like it's beginning to get back to producing hormones properly with the birth control out of my system by now.  I have unfortunately experienced unpleasant symptoms as my body adjusts such as a very low mood for the first five or so days ( I had to tell myself that feelings are not always worth paying attention to), intense headaches for a few days, very bad back pain, itchy skin all over (came and went quite quickly) and now I am primarily battling nausea.  So far today I have not thrown up and I consider t…

Histamine and oestrogen

Irresistible to the opposite sex? Histamine could be why! | Healing Histamine -- shared by Browser

Children and money

Here’s What Gordon Ramsay is Teaching His Kids About Money -- shared by Browser

Lots of love with a splash of discipline

Many moons ago I worked for a not for profit organisation that helped people who were experiencing prolonged unemployment and lacked employment and life skills.  My boss who I managed me by mentoring me well (not a huge fan of being supervised, just give me the job though and it will get done efficiently) told me about his previous employment working with people with drug addictions that were ruining their lives.  The program my boss created which involved little else other than taking people out of their comfort zone in the wilderness had a high success rate with low recidivism of addicted people.  People turned their lives around for little outlay for the not for profit who managed it.  Despite all this the government decided to stop funding it.  My boss told me that drug and alcohol addiction and other programs that serve the community frequently lose funding and then cost the government more money on other more expensive less effective programs.  The mind boggles.
Some programs hop…

A not depressing Great Depression inspired frugal post

Yesterday, my back was very painful and had been getting worse for days despite short walks and stretches.  In a fit of desperation and because I was planning on seeing my Mum anyway, I walked an initially agonising walk to see her.  The first few minutes were tough because I felt dizzy (probably due to my back being out of wack).  Thankfully, I persisted and as well as getting an airing and seeing Mum (who kindly dropped me back to where I am staying or I would have taken the bus back) my back is feeling almost pain free.  Okay, no where near pain free but much improved.  The last bit was really tough and I slept like a log last night which I am grateful for as I only got one and a half hours sleep the night before.  There's the distinct possibility I will pay for that walking for the next week or so but so far today I am sore but not flattened (yet).  I did get to bed early and it was so good to get a good nights sleep.  I missed most of the television I had on due to shut eye!

A pot of milky tea at the home front

Today I am reading post on war time rationing while drinking ration strength milk laced tea.   It is rather appropriate that while I write this I am in a freezing study that is warming up slowly with the wood heater I have got back to burning efficiently this morning (heater in another room).  I do have an efficient electric heater but it needs some maintenance that I will have to do in the next week or so.  I am hoping a clean will fix it, so far a thorough clean has fixed the dishwasher (not at all 1940s but appropriately efficient with water) and coffee machine (a modern espresso machine but I guess they had stove top espresso machines in some places - then again the metal probably went to making planes and tea with porcelain pots was the thing!  This week has mainly involved instant coffee and tea which is rather on point).
With the world on the verge of world war three this knowledge certainly can not go astray.  Due to healing my thyroid with iodine and other supplements, at th…