Search for a liveable abode

I have also been searching for affordable property and found that quite a few can not be lived in permanently.  One property I found could be lived in permanently, with a block of land nearby, had neighbours from hell.  Just standing around for few minutes gave me that useful information.  The unit was badly in need of work and needed a new roof, fence etc,  I think purchasing a unit like that would have seen me repent at a leisurely pace!  Equally, the land would have been a grave mistake given the neighbours.

Sometimes I do wonder whether taking my time and looking at property objectively is the right thing to do.  The issues with older properties such as expensive replumbing seem to lost on the currently manic purchasing environment.  I refuse to be a part of the insanity and hope it will calm down soon. The difficulty is that I can not compete with wealthy retirees from interstate and high debt fans determined to work until they drop.  The question of debt is easy for me as I am ineligible for any decent amount of debt anyway.  I do not want a mortgage anyway.

I went with a family member to Bunnings this weekend and discovered how much easier they make putting a modern kitchen together.  It was helped by knowledgable staff and an easy lay out.  I will certainly keep the information in the back of my head.  I would quite happily buy a property that needs work in a less convenient location as long as the price reflects the inconvenience and work required.  I personally think it is insane that fifty year old properties in "original condition" are going for the same, or greater price, as new places with new plumbing, electrics, heating, double glazing and modern insulation!

*I have no affiliation with Bunnings

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