Rose and honey gluten and dairy free cookies

See pictured my new-to-me bowl from the op shop full of freshly baked cookies.  These cookies are lower in fat as I find my stomach does not cope with the higher meat and fat I have been eating.  If I keep things at 10 to 20 percent of my diet I am fine.

I made these from mixing dry and wet ingredients together, shaping and baking in a moderate oven for around ten minutes.  Dry ingredients: half cup dried edible rose petals; one and a half cups of gluten free flour; one cup brown sugar.  Wet: two eggs, one tablespoon melted honey, quarter cup coconut cream.

Delicious cookies and a sunshine inspired bowl are helping my sanity.  I have had the blahs lately and lowering my fat, adding a little low fat plain yogurt back into my diary to help bloated self, exercising as I can and watching borrowed comedy DVDs are helping.  I hope you find something to help when you have a dose of the blahs!

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