Outside and happy

The last couple of days have been frugal with:
  1. Walks in nature and suburbia.  I never go for walks in nature on my own so they are a treat to share.  I even dragged home a dead branch to dry for the wood fire.  So that must be plus $5 for kindling.
  2. I plan to search for black berries on my next nature foray and maybe more branches.
  3. I accidentally froze a two kilogram bag of carrots.  Clutched with a tissue these make a cheap icy treat.  I am not sure that is frugal but it is a creative use of resources.
  4. I exercised with another walk today and a fast clean up with a visitor.  Managed to socialise and forced cleaning has to be good for body and soul.
  5. I found some new delightful herbal lemon-y tea bags by Lipton called Soothe Me Lemon, worth trying!  The Coles range peppermint teas make a simple alternative to sweet peppermint treats.

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