My imaginary house

Home owning feels like a fantasy at the moment with the house prices generally at historically high prices.  I am hopeful that the US will raise interest rates and our banks will follow suit and kick some of this ludicrous pricing to the curb.

I am no quitter though, so today to save up for a real house ( I have to try), I:

  1. Cooked the rest of the biscuit dough I had left over from yesterday 
  2. Lit the home fires last night when it got cold and kept them going all day
  3. Discovered my garlic I planted in a pot is growing.  This was a nice surprise as I had given up!
  4. Went for a walk even though I was tired
  5. Spoke to both parents who are sick at the minute.  Both are doing alright today.  Plan on cooking a meal later in the week to be heated.
  6. Organised my groceries to be delivered for four dollars.  Groceries for the week, hopefully around fifty- five dollars.  
  7. On my second cup of strawberry flavoured green tea in my keep cup
  8. Checked my bank account, my spending is on track overall 
  9. Not sure about some of my clothing op shop buys a few days ago.  I will file that under donations and next time try things on!!!

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