Grieving pets

My writing has been a seeming impossibly while I had a pet cat who took ill and then when the suffering was too much was taken to the vet one final time.  Even though the cat had a long and happy life, letting go was agonising as she had kept me company when people with understanding were scarce on the ground.

Having a cat in my life gave me the courage to make some hard decisions, made me feel fine about having a chronic illness and needing to rest as she kept me company, it made long nights bearable and life lighter.

For me, it helped to help bury the cat, place some flowers and an ornament in the garden she loved near where we often sat together.  I would read the paper and she pull often sit by my feet.  At night until the last few week she sat on the bed, or on my lap when she had the strength.

It helped too that I had spent hours with the cat in the last few weeks and when I was sure the end was coming I gave her a couple of cuddles of my lap to say goodbye.  She recognised me and her name to the end and even when the pain was overwhelming on the journey to the vet she responding to me doing my best to comfort her with my voice.  A feisty clever cat, sadly missed.

I hope if you are grieving the loss of a pet that you will find ways to say goodbye and find comfort.  It sure is a privilege to have the love of people and animals but the grief when they leave this earth can be overwhelming.  Doing things to remember those we have lost helps.  Writing out my grief and talking to people who understand helps.  Thankfully, after three days the worst of the grief is behind me and now I better understand the pain and responsibility pet owners go through.

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