Food budget inspiration

I think I can eek out my groceries for an extra four days but an extra week is a little unrealistic.
Today, I have filled myself up on mainly vegetable and chicken stock soup (surprisingly tasty with generous sprinkle of salt - stock; frozen carrots from last week; potato; frozen peas; salt - mushed up with with potato masher) and left over vegetable pie.  Just made rice cakes from left over rice, a smidgen of flour and leftover coconut milk topped with home made jam for afternoon tea.  I certainly notice when I am hungry if I am disciplined!

I am currently drinking flavoured black tea and just read this article that says that I tend to the average grocery spend, or quite a bit below, most weeks.  Once I stock up on some groceries I can get things down to around sixty dollars a week.  It's difficult to get things much below that given the extra cost of gluten free and lactose free products.  It's easier to eek things out with vegetables and fruit sitting around. 

I've found jam, pumpkin I was given, herbs and greens from the garden and a few cooking pears I was given, as well as focus, have helped stretch things out. If I did not buy eggs, got rid of meat and kept my dairy very low, along with much soup and no fruit I could reduce the budget further.  Potatoes have been included in my weekly shop too and the price has increased due to a bad season.  I could also get rid of my herbal tea addiction but I do without alcohol so I will allow myself that!

Anyway, interesting article on the average spend of Australians: 

Ideas to stick to a below average grocery shop (130 dollars AUD for a family of four - tiny children, 2015):

Fancy a food challenge? made from scratch food for a week for $25:

Easy, cheap recipe idea for leftover rice:

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