Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fall in love with vegetables?

I have just watered The Head Gardener's garden (my mum's) and now I am eating green beans instead of lunch which will probably be eaten at afternoon tea time.  I discovered that gluten free Lord Woolton Pie is surprisingly yummy.  I used gluten free soy sauce instead of yeast extract to make the gravy, fresh herbs (oregano and parsley), cabbage, green beans, carrots and a little water for the pie filling.  Apparently cabbage was a common filling for this pie as it was locally grown and available.  I must admit I was not thrilled by the inclusion of green beans but even they work in the pie.

For the pie filling I used the last three drops of olive oil (literally), cooked sweet potato (I did not peel mine but you could to make it more refined), a tea spoon of coconut cream I had left in the fridge and a splash of glutenous rice flour.  It made the yummiest pie topping.  It was a rustic pie but amazing fresh out of the oven.  It's worth trying.

For me, I find a lower fat diet with carbs mainly from whole-grains, fruit and vegetables seems to be the best way for me to manage my weight.  I know there are people who find that low-carb, high fat is the best for them.  These articles make for interesting reading:

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