Dear Blog

Today I walked to the local library to drop off some books.  In the car the trip takes minutes but in an unfit state it took me an exhausting sweat inducing hour! I guess I can pat myself on the back for getting exercise that my ankle is still a little unhappy about.

After much stuffing about trying to get my medical blood test results sent by email I gave up on modern "convenience" and requested they be posted to me.  It is annoying that this is not standard practice with the exception of some emotive tests and less informed patients.  Truth be told, the results of my test may make me cry a lot but I am well prepared for good, bad or ugly.  I will take it in my stride and if that does not work I will find a way to cope.🌺🌸🌻🌾🍁🌹🍄🍂

The coffee machine has been playing up a little.  A thorough clean appears to have fixed things.  In other food news, my grocery order mistakenly left out the eggs I ordered.  I can not decide whether to just go to the shops I am avoiding or accept a ration of one egg for the rest of the week!☕️

Decided to borrow ebooks from the library this week but I must admit I prefer physical books.📚🗞
I do love these pictures the iPad provides, to quote Miranda "Such fun"!

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