10 domestic tasks to save up for imaginary house

More domesticity for less today:

  1. I have managed to go without eggs in my fridge for the last week.  Alternative protein sources include soy milk, white beans, yogurt, low fat lactose free milk.
  2. I may try to eek out my groceries for another week bringing my weekly spend to thirty dollars this week ( last week was sixty, two weeks=thirty a week)
  3. Portioned up cooked chicken and beans for future main meals.
  4. Made a ice cream alternative with mushed up white beans, sugar, vanilla, a little gluten free flour and soy milk.  Yum! Frozen for a weirdly healthy dessert.  Inspired by Japanese sweet black bean sauce.
  5. Only drank home made hot and cold drinks.  Mainly water, a little coffee and a weak herbal from mum's garden.
  6. Vegetable pie in the oven, loosely based on Lord Woolton pie.  I used gravy from yesterday's chicken pan juices for extra flavour.
  7. Chicken stock boiling away.
  8. Clothes drying inside on hanger metres from fire.
  9. Fire keeping me toasty and warm.
  10. Made myself a face mask from French clay and natural yogurt - so refreshing, dry clay jar has lasted for ages, a highly economical pamper!

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