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Yaz dangers and law suit causes

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No Yaz for me

I was on Levlen ED for around eight years and from the beginning I felt great on it.  Over time though, and definitely in the last few months, I have been getting side effects.  The last few months my time of month has been light, and a severe athymia (no, to  very low, emotions is the best way I can describe in layman's terms) has been experienced in the last month taking it.  I felt completely drugged. 
Another possible side effect of Levlen ED and other birth control pills that I have only just identified is eye irritation leading to iritis.  My Chronic Fatigue may be related to the BCP, or at least exacerbated by it.  The irony of most BCP is that over time most women lose their sex drive so they are covered from pregnancy either way.  Yes, over time my sex drive has plummeted too.
My testosterone levels are at unnaturally low levels (for a woman my age) and I am overweight in part due to abnormally low monthly flow.  Many contraceptive pills will suppress your testosterone w…

Outside and happy

The last couple of days have been frugal with: Walks in nature and suburbia.  I never go for walks in nature on my own so they are a treat to share.  I even dragged home a dead branch to dry for the wood fire.  So that must be plus $5 for kindling.I plan to search for black berries on my next nature foray and maybe more branches.I accidentally froze a two kilogram bag of carrots.  Clutched with a tissue these make a cheap icy treat.  I am not sure that is frugal but it is a creative use of resources.I exercised with another walk today and a fast clean up with a visitor.  Managed to socialise and forced cleaning has to be good for body and soul.I found some new delightful herbal lemon-y tea bags by Lipton called Soothe Me Lemon, worth trying!  The Coles range peppermint teas make a simple alternative to sweet peppermint treats.

Keeping calm and drinking tea

It goes without saying that recent news out of the UK is sad, unsettling and close to home with family in the area.  Events like these always encourage me to be more vigilant, make me want to stay home and walk in unbeaten paths.  Watching the Met. Police deal with the media on the news is reassuring.  I certainly get the impression that the brass are focused on action and the minimum of the talk.  The other standout from tragic news was watching people try and save lives and react stoically to the news."Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

Cheer on cheap

10 ways to cheer yourself up on a budget:
*Make your bed up
*Put fresh flowers in a vase
*Use up perfume you love
*Use up make up, look good and hopefully feel better
*Go to the op shop to buy something you need
*Go for a walk
*Borrow a book from the library
*Make yourself a hot cup of something
*Cheer up your sofa with a throw that can keep you warn too
*Make jam from free fruit

Food budget inspiration

I think I can eek out my groceries for an extra four days but an extra week is a little unrealistic. Today, I have filled myself up on mainly vegetable and chicken stock soup (surprisingly tasty with generous sprinkle of salt - stock; frozen carrots from last week; potato; frozen peas; salt - mushed up with with potato masher) and left over vegetable pie.  Just made rice cakes from left over rice, a smidgen of flour and leftover coconut milk topped with home made jam for afternoon tea.  I certainly notice when I am hungry if I am disciplined!
I am currently drinking flavoured black tea and just read this article that says that I tend to the average grocery spend, or quite a bit below, most weeks.  Once I stock up on some groceries I can get things down to around sixty dollars a week.  It's difficult to get things much below that given the extra cost of gluten free and lactose free products.  It's easier to eek things out with vegetables and fruit sitting around. 
I've fou…

Mainly vegetable pie

My mainly vegetable pie tastes good with a generous sprinkle of salt.  Pie filling was made from cooked pumpkin, onion, garlic, frozen peas, chicken gravy, salt and pepper.  Top made from potatoes, a little gluten free flour, a little yogurt and soy milk, salt and pepper and a tea spoon of olive oil.  This pie is mainly made from vegetables.  Due to a fairly low fat top it does take a while for the top to brown but you can do sit and drink a cup of tea and make yogurt while it bubbles away!

10 domestic tasks to save up for imaginary house

More domesticity for less today:

I have managed to go without eggs in my fridge for the last week.  Alternative protein sources include soy milk, white beans, yogurt, low fat lactose free milk.I may try to eek out my groceries for another week bringing my weekly spend to thirty dollars this week ( last week was sixty, two weeks=thirty a week)Portioned up cooked chicken and beans for future main meals.Made a ice cream alternative with mushed up white beans, sugar, vanilla, a little gluten free flour and soy milk.  Yum! Frozen for a weirdly healthy dessert.  Inspired by Japanese sweet black bean sauce.Only drank home made hot and cold drinks.  Mainly water, a little coffee and a weak herbal from mum's garden.Vegetable pie in the oven, loosely based on Lord Woolton pie.  I used gravy from yesterday's chicken pan juices for extra flavour.Chicken stock boiling away.Clothes drying inside on hanger metres from fire.Fire keeping me toasty and warm.Made myself a face mask from French cl…

Grateful and on track

Things that I am grateful for today that keep my budget in check too:

Peace and quiet so far today which always helps me stay disciplined and saneOp shop t-shirt which I fit into :)Cup of mango flavoured black teaWarmth from a heater and exercise to fill the wood boxChicken roasting in the oven for tonight and other mealsColourful and cheap things which make me smile and cheer my surrounds up

Search for a liveable abode

I have also been searching for affordable property and found that quite a few can not be lived in permanently.  One property I found could be lived in permanently, with a block of land nearby, had neighbours from hell.  Just standing around for few minutes gave me that useful information.  The unit was badly in need of work and needed a new roof, fence etc,  I think purchasing a unit like that would have seen me repent at a leisurely pace!  Equally, the land would have been a grave mistake given the neighbours.

Sometimes I do wonder whether taking my time and looking at property objectively is the right thing to do.  The issues with older properties such as expensive replumbing seem to lost on the currently manic purchasing environment.  I refuse to be a part of the insanity and hope it will calm down soon. The difficulty is that I can not compete with wealthy retirees from interstate and high debt fans determined to work until they drop.  The question of debt is easy for me as I am …

Dear Blog

Today I walked to the local library to drop off some books.  In the car the trip takes minutes but in an unfit state it took me an exhausting sweat inducing hour! I guess I can pat myself on the back for getting exercise that my ankle is still a little unhappy about.

After much stuffing about trying to get my medical blood test results sent by email I gave up on modern "convenience" and requested they be posted to me.  It is annoying that this is not standard practice with the exception of some emotive tests and less informed patients.  Truth be told, the results of my test may make me cry a lot but I am well prepared for good, bad or ugly.  I will take it in my stride and if that does not work I will find a way to cope.πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ»πŸŒΎπŸπŸŒΉπŸ„πŸ‚

The coffee machine has been playing up a little.  A thorough clean appears to have fixed things.  In other food news, my grocery order mistakenly left out the eggs I ordered.  I can not decide whether to just go to the shops I am avoiding or …

Smart children for less

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imaginary house on track

Today I woke up to a sore swollen throat, low appetite and fatigue.  As a result of my morning symptoms which have continued through the day I have had to pace myself.  
To stay on track financially today, I: Made three little pots of Quince, Apple and rose petal jamDecorated with left over paper scraps from another craft projectI am getting my groceries delivered and aim to keep my food budget Have lemon verbena drying picked fresh for herbal teasHung my washing out to dryDrank cranberry flavoured black tea for a bit of Christmas all year 'round!

Tasty low fat, low sugar, gluten free choc treat

For when you are craving a chocolate mousse like treat mix a cup of creamy yogurt, two teaspoons of mild honey and two teaspoons of cocoa together.  I had creamy soy yogurt so I used that.  For a chocolate ice cream substitute pop in little containers and freeze.  You could use vanilla essence instead of cocoa powder.

Fall in love with vegetables?

I have just watered The Head Gardener's garden (my mum's) and now I am eating green beans instead of lunch which will probably be eaten at afternoon tea time.  I discovered that gluten free Lord Woolton Pie is surprisingly yummy.  I used gluten free soy sauce instead of yeast extract to make the gravy, fresh herbs (oregano and parsley), cabbage, green beans, carrots and a little water for the pie filling.  Apparently cabbage was a common filling for this pie as it was locally grown and available.  I must admit I was not thrilled by the inclusion of green beans but even they work in the pie.

For the pie filling I used the last three drops of olive oil (literally), cooked sweet potato (I did not peel mine but you could to make it more refined), a tea spoon of coconut cream I had left in the fridge and a splash of glutenous rice flour.  It made the yummiest pie topping.  It was a rustic pie but amazing fresh out of the oven.  It's worth trying.

For me, I find a lower fat diet…

Wartime recipe thrifty inspiration

Making a Lord Woolton Pie from sweet potatoes as I do not have normal spuds.  I am making do through.  Check out these recipes from rationing during the WW2 in Britain to keep your budget on track and stay healthy!Retro recipes: 10 Thrifty wartime dishes | Food Lists | Reader's Digest -- shared by Browser

My imaginary house

Home owning feels like a fantasy at the moment with the house prices generally at historically high prices.  I am hopeful that the US will raise interest rates and our banks will follow suit and kick some of this ludicrous pricing to the curb.

I am no quitter though, so today to save up for a real house ( I have to try), I:

Cooked the rest of the biscuit dough I had left over from yesterday Lit the home fires last night when it got cold and kept them going all dayDiscovered my garlic I planted in a pot is growing.  This was a nice surprise as I had given up!Went for a walk even though I was tiredSpoke to both parents who are sick at the minute.  Both are doing alright today.  Plan on cooking a meal later in the week to be heated.Organised my groceries to be delivered for four dollars.  Groceries for the week, hopefully around fifty- five dollars.  On my second cup of strawberry flavoured green tea in my keep cupChecked my bank account, my spending is on track overall Not sure about som…

Rose and honey gluten and dairy free cookies

See pictured my new-to-me bowl from the op shop full of freshly baked cookies.  These cookies are lower in fat as I find my stomach does not cope with the higher meat and fat I have been eating.  If I keep things at 10 to 20 percent of my diet I am fine.I made these from mixing dry and wet ingredients together, shaping and baking in a moderate oven for around ten minutes.  Dry ingredients: half cup dried edible rose petals; one and a half cups of gluten free flour; one cup brown sugar.  Wet: two eggs, one tablespoon melted honey, quarter cup coconut cream.Delicious cookies and a sunshine inspired bowl are helping my sanity.  I have had the blahs lately and lowering my fat, adding a little low fat plain yogurt back into my diary to help bloated self, exercising as I can and watching borrowed comedy DVDs are helping.  I hope you find something to help when you have a dose of the blahs!

Curtain to clothes

I was reminded today of the 'make do' concept of use curtain fabric to fashion clothes when I joked about just using a sheet.  I figure a sheet can be adjusted depending on my weight fluctuations.In other news I ate soup for lunch and dinner and stashed serves in the freezer for future use.I'm trying to grow some greens and flowers in pots.  A couple of seedlings have been eaten by something but the rest are still alive.  My mum's pumpkins are being eaten by something hungry with teeth and I suggested a cat for practical rat scaring reasons.Some of my day was spent in the garden and my table has bright flowers in a vase.  For domestic variety I cleaned my shower.

Grieving pets

My writing has been a seeming impossibly while I had a pet cat who took ill and then when the suffering was too much was taken to the vet one final time.  Even though the cat had a long and happy life, letting go was agonising as she had kept me company when people with understanding were scarce on the ground.

Having a cat in my life gave me the courage to make some hard decisions, made me feel fine about having a chronic illness and needing to rest as she kept me company, it made long nights bearable and life lighter.

For me, it helped to help bury the cat, place some flowers and an ornament in the garden she loved near where we often sat together.  I would read the paper and she pull often sit by my feet.  At night until the last few week she sat on the bed, or on my lap when she had the strength.

It helped too that I had spent hours with the cat in the last few weeks and when I was sure the end was coming I gave her a couple of cuddles of my lap to say goodbye.  She recognised me a…