Whey soda

Last night I made some cordial and added whey from my soy yogurt venture.  It was supposed to ferment overnight in plastic bottles.  It must have slightly fermented but it wasn't until I placed it on a sunny window sill that I noticed it take affect.  If I left it longer it would be fizzier and eventually alcoholic.  This is my first batch, based on recipes found online and the ingredients I had available.

Basically, I made mine using sugar syrup, cool water to keep the mix cool, and some whey.  I added flavouring to the sugar syrup using lemon verbena and ginger in one and berry herbal tea and, lemon verbena and apple in the other.  They do taste wonderful.  If they get fizzy you would have to be careful opening them.  Mine are only lightly fermented.

I suggested mastering yogurt first and if in doubt throw anything that seems odd out.  I would read recipes of experienced fermentation blogs/ recipes.  So far, it does make a refreshing summer drink but I would need to strain mine properly in cheese cloth ideally.

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