Sweet rose tea for sleep rambling

My bunch of red roses I picked a few days ago wilted yesterday so I placed the petals on a baking rack to dry out until I found a use for them.  They are red, smell amazing and made a sweet addition to my night time cup of tea.  I made the tea with English breakfast, added a few petals, steeped and added a little coconut milk.  This makes a restful evening, or morning pick me up.

Good sense tells me that drinking tea late at night is not exactly recommended by sleep experts due to the caffeine.  Sometimes the caffeine from tea affects me poorly at night and other times it's the only thing that helps me relax and eventually sleep.  I've read that tea, particularly black tea, helps to reduce and regulate cortisol which is why it can help at times of stress.  

Late night comedies helped me get to sleep last night too.  My personal news is not terribly conducive to sleep.  The night before last I actually got to sleep early and woke up within the hour with my heart racing.  After that experience I was feeling a little unenthusiastic about sleep.  For some reason 'King of Queens' helps me laugh and relax into sleep, sometimes 'QI' or 'Frasier' are my sleep remedy.  Other times I read to sleep.  I seem to go through phases with what works.

When I finally got myself to sleep, there was some kind of bass sound emanating from somewhere which I found a little annoying to say the least.  I put on music sounds of waves and then I tried rain which worked.  It always pays to have some kind of white noise available.  Sometimes I put on classic FM radio and that sends me off to the land of nod.  I think my brain must feel comforted by classical music because my mum was a part of a classical chamber orchestra when I was young.  Other times I find classical music irritating.

As I write this, there is a cat desperately searching for a patch of sunshine.  While the rest of the nation swelters there is a hot water bottle on my lap, thermal, slippers and polar fleece clothing and a day of hot drinks and perhaps soup ahead.  I'm not sure that I am doing anything for Valentines Day but I have animals keeping me company and I can stay inside with a snoring dog (I think she lost the memo about being an outside dog) and that's enough for me.  I do think a cup of rose infused tea and while sitting under a colourful knitted rug is s pretty good way to spend a chilly Valentines Day.

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