House heat

Today, after a morning of consoling myself with the wit of Bill Bryson's book, The road to little dribbling, and drinking a large mug of coffee with soy, I decided to do some house hunting.  In the process of looking for something to live in, rather than invest in, I discovered some of the hottest spots in Hobart.  By hot, I refer to potential criminal activity.  It will not surprise you to know that I am yet to secure a spot in the real estate market.

On my way back after exploring these spots ripe for (criminal) development I encountered the kind of driving behavior that made me feel like I was slowly losing the will to ever get in a car again.  Strangely enough I did get great service from a service station though which is a novelty in itself.

After a traditional moan and swear with my mum who had just encountered similar driving conditions, I made dinner and filled a small freezer with meals.  The soup I have in there I am less keen on but the meat, veg and carbs with sauce will keep me going for a few days.  When I stopped exhausted I watched the first episode of the new television series Lethal Weapon. I thoroughly recommended it.  So good to watch well made action and drama series, and it made me laugh.

FYI: I would always recommend Bill Bryson's travel books, they really are the perfect book on a summer holiday, or when you need distraction from your worries.

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