Ghost of mutant sinks

I am old enough to hold the memory of watching the original Maygyver television series and remember a time when if you wanted to learn new skills on a budget you borrowed books.  My dad was a fan of Maygyver and I often watched it with him as a child.  Strangely enough I do not remember my brother watching Maygyver with us but I am sure he did.  My dad also used to take us all for a weekly library  on a Friday early evening to give my mum a break, have some bonding time and so dad could find out how to renovate their post war baby boom home.

The combination of renovating a post war weatherboard and owner building a home on a shoestring is a good background to have when faced with a bathroom sink throwing out sludge reminiscent of the gloop found in the original Ghost Busters movie.  I never saw the original Ghost Busters but playing Ghost Busters was a constant fascination for the boys in primary school until a Teenage Mutant Turtles turned up anyway.

I spent over an hour cleaning out the bathroom sink.  I was about to give up and call a plumber when the thing drained.  Such a relief and $200 saved.  I used hot water, a cloth, detergent, bicarbonate soda and determination.

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