For the beach shack #17

To help with my aim to own an affordable slice of home one day, today I:

  1. Ate vegetable fritters for dinner last night, added more wilted vegetable specimens for breakfast and ate the final batch for lunch/ afternoon tea.  Contemplating eating soup for dinner to round out my frugal feeding.
  2. Harvested rose petals for jam making.
  3. Rang family to stay in touch.
  4. More time resting due to flu.  I do think the vitamin c and oral rehydration fluid are helping.  Staying away from emergency departments  (private) ,where possible, saves money and sanity.
  5. Drinking home made green tea, herbal tea and the odd cup of coffee.
  6. Checked real estate listings.  Nothing worth pursuing at the minute.  
  7. While the rest of Australia is experiencing severe fire danger weather and horrendous heat, I am back in a polar fleece and slippers.  Snow is forecast for remote parts of Tassie.

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