For the beach shack #16

To stay on track and save up for a home, today I:

  1. Spent half the morning in bed trying to recover from the flu ( no electricity and hoping to avoid another doctors visit
  2. Spent most of today too weary to read, watch television or eat much.  Not my idea of a fun day.
  3. The Head Gardener and other half dropped in before I could succumb to an afternoon nap.  Made fancy coffee and after two cups myself I still feel like I am sleep walking.
  4. Spent a few minutes in the garden.
  5. Another scintillating evening half awake in front of the television.  Are you jealous, or what?!
  6. Met work colleague who has been through hell in recent times.  Grateful for a roof over my head, food in my stomach and looking forward to getting over this flu.

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