For the beach shack #15

To stay on track and try and save up for a beach shack, city pad, I have:

  1. Held on to hope that property prices will stop the constant cataclysmic rise one of these days.
  2. Bought more turmeric tablets to help with arthritis pain and inflammation.  It's harder to focus on tomorrow when pain is kicking your gluteus Maximus.
  3. Ran errands and discovered that it's possible to deposit cheques at the post office with a debit card.
  4. Wanted chicken for dinners but decided to make do with eggs, beans and canned fish for protein.
  5. Feeling uninspired for dinner but had potatoes I dug out of the garden to use and oregano and rosemary to pick.  Made a simple vegetable sauce and potato gnocchi is in the oven browning as I type.
  6. Dehydrated from them flu and chronic fatigue, drinking electrolyte fluid to get some balance back.
  7. Resting.  Fed up with television options at the moment but they will improve soon with the rating season starting again.  Sick of ads and tempted by Netflix.  I will just have to get well again...  Sick of cooking shows making me hungry and discontent.  I have a love hate thing going on with them.

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