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Luck turning on house affordability?

Times are looking good for those who want to own and live in a home.  I do get fed up with the "mum and dad investor" title for landlords designed to make them sound like saints helping us all out.  In reality, these investors are incredibly well off and risk takers with high debt load in most cases.  Some how a mum and dad investor losing money is deeply tragic.  A family that can not afford their own home due to investor risk takers, what are they called? Unlucky? Screwed over?

Mining downturn: Widespread bankruptcy in once-booming towns -- shared by Browser

Whey soda

Last night I made some cordial and added whey from my soy yogurt venture.  It was supposed to ferment overnight in plastic bottles.  It must have slightly fermented but it wasn't until I placed it on a sunny window sill that I noticed it take affect.  If I left it longer it would be fizzier and eventually alcoholic.  This is my first batch, based on recipes found online and the ingredients I had available.

Basically, I made mine using sugar syrup, cool water to keep the mix cool, and some whey.  I added flavouring to the sugar syrup using lemon verbena and ginger in one and berry herbal tea and, lemon verbena and apple in the other.  They do taste wonderful.  If they get fizzy you would have to be careful opening them.  Mine are only lightly fermented.

I suggested mastering yogurt first and if in doubt throw anything that seems odd out.  I would read recipes of experienced fermentation blogs/ recipes.  So far, it does make a refreshing summer drink but I would need to strain mine…

Saving for city pad, today I:

Planted three types of vegetable seedlingsWent for a walk in the sunshineFound a spring onion end I had planted and given up on, it is growing well!Picked fresh beans from The Head Gardener's plotGoing to attempt a whey fermented drink later

Kids are kids

For the last few days I have been sneezing like a cat, and looking after a cat who was sneezing.  We have been quite the team but I am hoping that things change for the better sooner rather than later.  I seem to be over the worst of things and my sinuses are settling down. 

I have also been the beneficiary of abuse for trying to keep children safe.  The refrain I hear from parents, and other irresponsible adults, of neglected children is that "kids are kids".  This ditty to their minds absolves them of all responsibility to their children.  The saying that should go with that is that is that adults should be adults but I do not hear that.  It seems to me that abusive parents are all about what is best for them.  What is best for these parents is that society should pay them for having children while caring for them too.

With the neglect and abuse of children increasing at alarming rates, the occasional article includes poverty as a trigger for neglect.  In Australia I find…

Ghost of mutant sinks

I am old enough to hold the memory of watching the original Maygyver television series and remember a time when if you wanted to learn new skills on a budget you borrowed books.  My dad was a fan of Maygyver and I often watched it with him as a child.  Strangely enough I do not remember my brother watching Maygyver with us but I am sure he did.  My dad also used to take us all for a weekly library  on a Friday early evening to give my mum a break, have some bonding time and so dad could find out how to renovate their post war baby boom home.

The combination of renovating a post war weatherboard and owner building a home on a shoestring is a good background to have when faced with a bathroom sink throwing out sludge reminiscent of the gloop found in the original Ghost Busters movie.  I never saw the original Ghost Busters but playing Ghost Busters was a constant fascination for the boys in primary school until a Teenage Mutant Turtles turned up anyway.

I spent over an hour cleaning out…

For the beach shack #19

To save for my city cottage or seaside shack and stay on track financially, I: Went shopping for weekly supplies and ended up with a fortnight of staples.  At the moment due to poor growing weather this season, small portions of potatoes, that are tasty and good value are hard to find.  I did find pre cut oven potatoes for a competitive price,  Thankfully these are edible.  The last time I bought oven fries from the supermarket I nearly wrote a five page essay on their awfulness ( the oil must have been stale at manufacture).  For your reference these were Coles brand.  I also had to buy some more cat and dog supplies and these are equally excellent generic offerings for competitive prices.  And no Coles does not pay me to say this (more is the pity! πŸŸπŸ›πŸΆπŸ±πŸΆπŸΆ )Made my bed with a new doona set which was new season and cheap and remarkably cheerful while being relaxing.  A small pattern with white yellow and blue makes the room have more of a resort feel than would otherwise be the …

A use for vegetable soup

A couple of weeks ago I made a vat of soup and saved extras for another time.  As soup the inspiration has been non existent but today I felt like fish mornay which has since become a chicken and vegetable bake.

There is rice bubbling as I type to go with a yummy sauce inspired by the contents of the fridge and exhaustion.  I made a thick gluten and dairy free sauce with a little coconut cream, soy milk, onion, gluten free flour, mustard, olive oil.  I added frozen cooked chicken, soup and chicken spice mix.  Dinner done in no time.

Sweet rose tea for sleep rambling

My bunch of red roses I picked a few days ago wilted yesterday so I placed the petals on a baking rack to dry out until I found a use for them.  They are red, smell amazing and made a sweet addition to my night time cup of tea.  I made the tea with English breakfast, added a few petals, steeped and added a little coconut milk.  This makes a restful evening, or morning pick me up.
Good sense tells me that drinking tea late at night is not exactly recommended by sleep experts due to the caffeine.  Sometimes the caffeine from tea affects me poorly at night and other times it's the only thing that helps me relax and eventually sleep.  I've read that tea, particularly black tea, helps to reduce and regulate cortisol which is why it can help at times of stress.  
Late night comedies helped me get to sleep last night too.  My personal news is not terribly conducive to sleep.  The night before last I actually got to sleep early and woke up within the hour with my heart racing.  After…

For the beach shack #18

Staying on track and hoping to save up for my own roof, today, I:

Made a simple breakfast of chopped salad (Beetroot and apple and dressing) and boiled eggsBadly in need of carbohydrates, so lunch of chicken from roast I froze, frozen vegetables in a white sauce with herbs from the garden and riceDrank home made espresso, getting over flu so going out holds no temptation Ordered some groceries online so I can buy a couple of large items without much heftingWearing jumper as wind and rain from Mount Wellington heads my waySat in sun this morning near window and read

For the beach shack #17

To help with my aim to own an affordable slice of home one day, today I:

Ate vegetable fritters for dinner last night, added more wilted vegetable specimens for breakfast and ate the final batch for lunch/ afternoon tea.  Contemplating eating soup for dinner to round out my frugal feeding.Harvested rose petals for jam making.Rang family to stay in touch.More time resting due to flu.  I do think the vitamin c and oral rehydration fluid are helping.  Staying away from emergency departments  (private) ,where possible, saves money and sanity.Drinking home made green tea, herbal tea and the odd cup of coffee.Checked real estate listings.  Nothing worth pursuing at the minute.  While the rest of Australia is experiencing severe fire danger weather and horrendous heat, I am back in a polar fleece and slippers.  Snow is forecast for remote parts of Tassie.

For the beach shack #16

To stay on track and save up for a home, today I:

Spent half the morning in bed trying to recover from the flu ( no electricity and hoping to avoid another doctors visitSpent most of today too weary to read, watch television or eat much.  Not my idea of a fun day.The Head Gardener and other half dropped in before I could succumb to an afternoon nap.  Made fancy coffee and after two cups myself I still feel like I am sleep walking.Spent a few minutes in the garden.Another scintillating evening half awake in front of the television.  Are you jealous, or what?!Met work colleague who has been through hell in recent times.  Grateful for a roof over my head, food in my stomach and looking forward to getting over this flu.

Dairy free coffee foam

I am lucky enough to have access to a espresso machine and at the moment.  During the last couple of days I decided to see if I could make a decent soy latte.  I did a reasonable job.  The flaw with foamed soy milk is that it has a bitter taste.  I've since discovered that one part name brand soy milk, one part water and one heaped teaspoon of coconut cream (name brand too) makes a dairy free latte I am very happy with!

For the beach shack #15

To stay on track and try and save up for a beach shack, city pad, I have:

Held on to hope that property prices will stop the constant cataclysmic rise one of these days.Bought more turmeric tablets to help with arthritis pain and inflammation.  It's harder to focus on tomorrow when pain is kicking your gluteus Maximus.Ran errands and discovered that it's possible to deposit cheques at the post office with a debit card.Wanted chicken for dinners but decided to make do with eggs, beans and canned fish for protein.Feeling uninspired for dinner but had potatoes I dug out of the garden to use and oregano and rosemary to pick.  Made a simple vegetable sauce and potato gnocchi is in the oven browning as I type.Dehydrated from them flu and chronic fatigue, drinking electrolyte fluid to get some balance back.Resting.  Fed up with television options at the moment but they will improve soon with the rating season starting again.  Sick of ads and tempted by Netflix.  I will just have to ge…

Library loss

Went to the fruit and veg shop and library when I really should have been curled up on a sofa under a warm blanket sipping hot tea.  Unfortunately I could not find a book that interested me and was unread.  When I find another book to read it should be all that sweeter for the waiting.  Listening to music on my phone while I type.  Missing my notebook!  In pain, bored with necessary rest while moving as much as I can.  Who knew rest could be challenging?!  I will focus on the sofa and finding my inner sleepy cat.

Rest day

An enforced rest day due to chronic fatigue crash.  All I can do is rest and be grateful for good days.  Extreme pain and fatigue are not pleasant.  Tea was comforting, coffee helped a little with pain, drinking green tea and herbal tea in the hope it helps with viral type symptoms that are part of chronic fatigue I experience.

House heat

Today, after a morning of consoling myself with the wit of Bill Bryson's book,Theroadtolittledribbling, and drinking a large mug of coffee with soy, I decided to do some house hunting.  In the process of looking for something to live in, rather than invest in, I discovered some of the hottest spots in Hobart.  By hot, I refer to potential criminal activity.  It will not surprise you to know that I am yet to secure a spot in the real estate market.On my way back after exploring these spots ripe for (criminal) development I encountered the kind of driving behavior that made me feel like I was slowly losing the will to ever get in a car again.  Strangely enough I did get great service from a service station though which is a novelty in itself.After a traditional moan and swear with my mum who had just encountered similar driving conditions, I made dinner and filled a small freezer with meals.  The soup I have in there I am less keen on but the meat, veg and carbs with sauce will keep…