Today has enough trouble

Today, I have been taking the highest safe dose of asprin due to intolerable pain.  Some of the pain can be attributable to a cold type virus.  Given the all over body pain it may well be the flu, or it might be the mononucleosis virus activating.  Personally, it seems to be a painful combination of the two playing with my body to maximise pain.

Due to unrelenting pain, and fatigue, most of today was spent in bed and then some in front of the television watching the eleventh season of Grays Anatomy which is a weird thing to watch to deal with spending too much time (any) in hospital lately but there's no "accounting for taste" as they say.  It is my opinion that the eleventh season is one of the best despite the losses experienced by the characters.  At least, in this drama series, there is the touch of real life.

In the evening after hours of sleep and rest, and icy poles to keep the inflammation in my throat and dehydration at bay, I did manage to get a few things done.  I managed to do over an hour of clipping and tidying the garden.  I also watered the plants and I was sure that would not get done earlier today.  Picked flowers which are in an array of cheerful colours and sent a picture of them to cheer someone up.  I managed to get the floors mopped; a load of washing on and organise my surroundings a bit more.  For dinner I made pork meatballs shaped from pork mince that was reduced yesterday at the supermaket and made a sauce with finely chopped onion, a apricot, fresh herbs (mint, oregano and rosemary) and cooked spuds to have as a healthy carbohydrate.

Talking of surroundings, instead of buying a fancy diary, this year I bought a student diary from the supermarket that I plan on decorating with decorative paper bought on special a while ago.  I will have a cute diary in my choice of colours for less than three dollars due to the plastic covered decorative panels being easily slid out and covered and returned.  Either way, it will do the job and cost me less than the previous models.

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