Things I love about a smartphone

I keep apps to a minimum on my smartphone.  If an app is designed to connect with me too regularly I will delete it.  This is why messenger and Facebook are not currently downloaded but I can access them at my leisure via Google which is the perfect balance for me.

At the moment I am using video calls on an iPad to stay in touch with family.  I had all but sworn I would never do such a thing but circumstances changed and I had to get over how I look.   There is a knack to looking better on video.  I find sitting on the couch and holding it at book level seems to be the best.  I did think this feature was a little dopey but family away for health reasons saw me change my mind completely.

Now, my smartphone has turned out to be an investment well worth it.  Things I love:

  • Quality pictures of people, animals and flowers to share some joy about
  • Better audio so I can hear well.  My last phone was a bit hopeless for audio.
  • Fun pictures to add to texts 💝 Turns out my iPad has that too.  "Such fun" as Miranda would say (BBC comedy)
  • My yahoo email app which means I can easily check emails without turning on a computer and because the screen is a reasonable size I can generally reply too.
  • Calls are cheaper on the 4G network

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