The mystery of the lost ear phones

I just got up ridiculously early to look for my ear phones.  Throughout my life people accuse me of having few possessions as if it's a bad thing.  The irony of this criticism is that whenever this criticism is lobbed my way I am contemplating a spring clean and feeling overwhelmed.  I love having enough with a few treats and comforts, but space is good for body and mind and a luxury.

The reason I woke before the morning sunrise serinade by birds, is because I hate losing the few things I have and resent buying something new just because it has gone walkabout.  While looking under and between sofas and cleaning as I went I was reminded of the parable of the woman who lost a coin and searched high and low until she found it.  It's funny how the things we are thought as children stay with us and trigger our brain at the oddest moments.

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