Saving for beach shack #14

Today to save up for a beach shack, or city square with cottage, I:

  1. Reviewed my bank account and realised that groceries and health insurance were over where I needed them to be.
  2. Reviewed my health insurance and changed polices with an estimated expected saving of five hundred dollars in the next twelve months and better coverage.  I found the Choice website was a great way to start my search.  For Australian readers the website is
  3. Be warned that reviewing my health fund took hours even with the choice fund match website. Do what I did and make a cup of green tea before you start (ran out of soy milk and black tea without milk is nausea inducing for me) so you are calm and alert.  
  4. I paid another $150 off my university education debt.  My mum continues to be stunned at how expensive it is.  It will take around five hundred dollars this year to just cover interest payment this year.  
  5. Cut my grocery spend down.  In part because I asked my mum to donate two litres of soy milk.  Actually I offered to buy them off her but exchanged them for health fund information which will hopefully work out more money in her pocket!
  6. I am weak from chronic-fatigue-how-dare-you-exercise but after a rest, and snacking on garden fresh beans from The Head Gardener, I managed to do four online car insurance quotes which took about twenty minutes.  I discovered that I am already with the best provider given my circumstances and car.
  7. Also discovered that sending pictures to people with a text while fun, is more expensive than I thought.  Just texts and the occasional cheerful picture from now on!
  8. !

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