Saving for the beach shack #13

Staying on track to save up for a beach shack, or city cottage:

  1. Drinking a homemade soy flat white.  Just read an article on Penny Hoarder about someone who gave up coffee and saves at least $500 per year.  I doubt I spend that much a year on ground coffee.  If I do spend that much on coffee, it's money well spent in my opinion.  The finances would have to be very tight before I would give up coffee!  The writers solution was to drink herbal tea which she found much cheaper than coffee.  I find coffee can often be sourced for less and I drink herbal tea as my night cap.  Coffee is for cold rainy mornings like today when the Java hits the spot.
  2. Getting some relief from fatigue with fast release T3 ( active thyroid hormone ).  I have been experiencing detox symptoms and finding the right dose takes time and patience.  I lowered my dose with the flu but have upped again and sleeping well now I am over the worst of the flu.  Woke with glandular fever symptoms last night and up for a few minutes so still not over the CFS/ME but seeing imporovement.  I am a thyroid patient and find few doctors will prescribe T3 but I hope that changes with endocrinologists in the US finding it can help people with thyroid disease ( Hashimotos in my case).  
  3. Early to bed, early to rise is hopefully a sign of better health.  The jury is out on whether it produces more wealth and wisdom.
  4. As I write this, drinking home made coffee which is the cheapest without giving up the golden bean.  It will hopefully help my muscle aches achieved by trying to get myself as fit as possible and being a little too keen.
  5. Awoken at 5.30am yesterday and had enough energy to be bored.  I prepared some meals so I can microwave and eat when unwell or tired.  It would be a good sign if I was bored today but I need to rest to finally kick this flu and cat sneezing.

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