Peach, corn & sausage

I am having a slightly weird food day.  Due to a doozy of a glandular fever/ chronic fatigue episode my throat has been incredibly sore and that's put me off eating very much.  So far for breakfast I've munched on garden fresh fruit and drunk some electrolyte fluid to help with the fevers I have been experiencing.  I am about to eat a corn on the cob and then hopefully later for dinner I will have an appetite for the gluten free sausages I have thawing in the fridge.  Things are so bad I may need some pain-killers but I try and keep them to a minimum because they generally have minimal effect for this type of pain.

Yesterday, due to the extreme fatigue I experienced I was forced to spend most of the day resting.  Even reading and watching television was too much for some of the day.  I did manage to do a few household tasks later in the day.  Too much resting tends to make me feel a bit depressed.  I was able to go for a twenty minute amble but it did not make me feel better physically.  It's always nice to get a change of scenery when possible.  I suspect today will be a potter around the house but no walk day.

To keep you inspired with food ideas for gluten and dairy free - yesterday's lunch:

A simple lunch of gluten free spaghetti, once cooked and drained, I added olive oil, dijon mustard, a tomato I nearly forgot lurking in the fridge, a mushroom and oregano and chives from the garden. Yum!

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