Oodles of noodles - gluten & dairy free dinner

I do not eat gluten and dairy free only because it keeps my Coeliac disease in check.  People that are gluten free on whim and wax lyrical about how wonderful it is, and who can eat a pizza at any moment, annoy the heck out of me.  With this in mind, for those of you who must avoid gluten and dairy, here's another low cost, minimal work, meal idea.

Oodles of noodles

  • left over cooked mince and veg from night before (minimal seasoning with a little oyster sauce)
  • plum or berry jam (generous spoonful in lieu of sauce)
  • five spice powder if you have some
  • salt and pepper
  • onion chopped roughly, or garlic if you have it
  • spare vegetable roughly chopped (I added carrot)
  • splash of olive oil
  • vermicelli noodles - precooked
Heat up a saucepan/ fry pan, heat olive oil, add onion/garlic, five spice powder, vegetables and caramelize.  Add mince, salt and pepper and cook through.  Add vermicelli noodles and jam just before you serve.  Eat.  

Easy and cheap alternative to the takeaway, and you can cook it in your pyjamas.

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