One day at a time

Life has been incredibly stressful for me, and my family, over the festive period with one of our own finding themselves potentially critically unwell.  I really do hope for the best, but in between dealing with the grief that comes with a situation like that, you do tend to spend a little more.

Admittedly, the main things I spent a little more on was petrol to go to the hospital and the odd coffee to help get myself physically away from the situation and help clear my head and get some perspective.  I did buy a book which helped at the time but on reflection was not something I would recommend to other readers.  According to my budget calculator with my bank, my December in trending down compared to last year.  How that is possible, I'm not sure.

I bought a few more tops because summer has been hot and it makes life easier when you are focussed on being able to go to the hospital at short notice, or with any regularity.  I also spent a little more this week on simple food because my chronic fatigue is giving me hell.  Overall though, the budget is in check which is good.

Today, I placed a few hundred into savings and I also paid one hundred and fifty dollars of the two thousand I aim to pay off my University degree debt this year.  In reality, around five hundred of that will cover interest payments, meaning that one thousand five hundred will actually come off the debt. There's nothing enjoyable about paying those kind of bills.  It will be a relief when I have paid that particular debt off though.  

I found some gluten free sausages in the freezer today instead of going to the shop.  To stave off cabin fever I spent time in the garden pulling weeds (I do know how to have fun :D) and I am drinking a big mug of rose petal and vanilla infused Dilmah tea which is a small luxury I purchased to help me get through this time with as much sanity intact as possible.  A few treats like beautiful soap and delightful tea, tend to keep me, and my budget in check.

Due to early payment of my fortnightly income, I was concerned I was spending far too much, but I think it was just having to wait that little longer that made my bank balance look worse that it was.  I am on track to save despite the stress and drama of the last couple of weeks.  I am happy to use the savings towards hospital visits etc but at the moment I am looking after animals for the family member who is interstate and staying in touch by phone.   If there's one thing I am reminding myself to do, it's to face reality but to also remember to take one day at a time and not make financial decisions when I am upset :D.

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