Luridly cheerful

My laptop is currently refusing to cooperate with the modem I am accessing the internet from.  As a result I am using the iPad to write my blog.

I went to the library yesterday to borrow some books and see if I could find a DVD, or three, to watch.  Much to my relief found books to read but was disappointed with the selection of DVDs which seem to be selected with children, teens and retirees primarily in mind.  I am happy to occasionally borrow from the "video shop" but it gets expensive if its done with any regularity.

I did try and ask our state library to buy more mainstream DVDs but their purchasing team seems to only purchase popular dramas from twenty plus years ago, train spotting infomercials and popular cooking programmes that flood free television anyway.  I know it's no big deal except
I've had a doozy of a virus and watching dramas while I suffer is one of the few things I feel up to.

Things that are cheering me up while I sneeze as a competitive sport:

  • Cup of coffee in my luridly cheerful keepcup

  • Crochet blanket to warm up under on the couch in determinedly cheerful colours

  •  Simple and tasty breakfast enjoyed with morning's paper

  •  Comfortable pyjamas and bed when I need another nap

  • Animals keeping me company and driving me up the wall in equal measure! 

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