Keep the flu blues away

I appear to be ninety nine percent over this flu virus.  In between sneezes and snoozes it is pretty normal to feel emotionally blue while the body focuses its energy on fighting the flu.

Today, to keep the flu blues at bay, I:

  1. Made sure I had a nutritious breakfast, popcorn and fruit for snacking, and made extra lunch for another meal ( rice, tomatoes and veg sauce and bacon).  Good nutrition hopefully keeps my body fighting.  
  2. Picked two bunches of fresh flowers and placed them in vases.
  3. Went for a gentle stroll around the neighbourhood.  
  4. Have a colourful throw rug on the sofa and cheerful doona cover.
  5. Since my morning coffee I have been drinking green tea with lemon myrtle in the hope it kicks this flu to the curb.  Tea is meant to be calming and good for the mood.

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