How to solve most financial issues

If you can get to the point that you find yourself repeating the phrase "I hate shopping" and mean it, that will make it that much easier to save money.  It's not my phrase, it's my very financially savvy mother, and now I come to think of it father's phrase.  My parents have never had much money but their disregard for shopping meant their children had a roof over their heads.

Anyway, I did indeed find myself stating a hatred for shopping today and meaning it which is how I came to be making dinner rather than going out for fish and chips which is what I wanted but I could not be bothered getting into my car to get someone else to cook for me when I had food that was asking to be eaten.  Not wanting to go out will save plenty too.  With petrol prices going up, rather then down as I had hoped, it's the perfect time to find "going out" a hassle.  I'm afraid I stole this strategy from my parents too.

Instead of going out today, I made and shared a healthy dinner of pork mince and vegetable tacos with coleslaw; went for a walk around the neighbourhood in the cool of the evening; pottered around inside and outside and read a new book from the library called 'Going Loco' by Tom Smith which I recommend if you find medical stories and slightly scary biographies your thing.

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