Cheap and easy dinner: gluten and dairy free

To keep you inspired if you eat dairy free and gluten free (boo!), another meal idea:

For dinner tonight, gluten free beef sausages and potato pieces fried up in a fry pan and coleslaw I prepared earlier from my fridge contents (grated carrot, apple and finely chopped onion with mustard and mayo, seasoning).  Gluten free sausages cost from about $6 for eight and make a nice easy meal when I do not feel well.

It's getting late but I was craving a cup of coffee.  A nice cheap treat when I use a espresso machine (frugal over time if you use it plenty like I do).  Less than 20 cents without milk!  Mmm...

I've been pottering around doing chores and weeding in the garden today.  I managed a twenty minute walk with the dog which was good for my mental health.  After walking around weeding I'm not sure I needed the exercise as much as the change of scenery!

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