Brick through television

Listening to the radio as the selection on television is driving me mad.  I was going to write a letter to the editor of a national newspaper until I realised that the media source of my grump was lying about government action.

The program that saw me switch the television off in disgust (I desperately need new library books!) was a program called Britian's Spending Secrets by the BBC UK.  I'm sure everyone makes mistakes when it comes to spending.  The attitude of expecting to live like a celebrity with none of the pain or work involved and shopping as a hobby made me want to lob a brick through the television.  Perhaps if it was my television the temptation would have been greater but it's a family members.  Actually, I don't own a television...I better not rush out NOW!

 Not only were the people I watched on Britain's Spending Secrets acting like spoilt brats but they were also such bores.  What a boring life.  Go do something with that money.  Good grief, they could save some of the world if only they could stop the gold plated navel grazing.  Better to be content and well read than ever have shopping as a preoccupation!

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