Anemic fruit from ripoff merchant

Just went to the supermarket and was shocked at how anemic the fruit and vegetables appeared.  After accidentally taking a detour in my car I went to the local fruit and vegetable market.  The prices were about the same as the supermarket however the quality was noticeably better.

 Fruit was on my list of things I needed because it is generally my snack of choice.  I was going to wait a few days until I had to go out, to buy some fruit, until I realised it would send me mad to wait that long.  My shop ended up being bananas on special; apples from Tasmania; chewing gum because I am stressed still; and popcom for a healthy snack.

Going first thing in the morning as I neglected to sleep worked well as everyone else had better things to do like sleep in, or drink coffee and shuffle their family out the door!  Given I paid premium price for the fruit I am disappointed that two apples were rotten and went straight into the bin.  It frustrates me when I read blogs from the UK and US and they pay much less for fresh produce much of which is imported from Australia!

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