A coffee and crash

The last week, while many others celebrated, I have had one of the toughest weeks of my life.  So tough in fact, that it appears to have messed with my biology and I will have to keep an eye on that and probably see a doctor.  Today, my body crashed and I spent the morning and some of the afternoon asleep.  There's just no pushing my body past a certain point.

There may even be the need for a therapist visit but I'm actually hoping things blow over and peace is restored.  Realistically, I may need to see a therapist anyway.  I will keep an eye on things and not try and be a hero.

Today I've been drinking green tea but felt the need for coffee at around 8.30 pm and decided to not deny myself a cup of black gold.  If nothing else, coffee can keep me from being depressed and as it's my only cup today I am savoring it.  While I am confessing, I had a handful of sweets too and I'm not stressing out about it.  Honestly, I enjoyed every last one!

The new year does seem to encourage people to go to extremes with things.  My exercise today was five minutes of back exercises and stretches on the carpet, walking up and down stairs to do house hold tasks and vacuuming.  Then I sat in front of the television and could not get into it at all.  Yesterday I went for a gentle stroll in the sunshine.  There must be some kind of benefit to enjoying exercise?  Maybe the benefit is that you keep going back for more!


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