Urban bohemian

I had to laugh when reading a local paper last week and realising that the fashion for Leavers Dinners (grade ten or twelve end of school celebrations) was reminiscent of the fashion of my Leavers Dinners which were quite some time ago.  I'm not going to share the figure but suffice to say it's long enough for young peeps to find it cool again.

There's few things more unnerving than watching someone a few years younger than yourself trying to rock the same fashion you did quite some time ago.  I will be glad when the 80s look once again goes out.  I think we are headed for the ultimate in cool, a resurgence of the 90s.  I imagine it will be called urban minimalism, or some such thing.

Urban minimalism will be all about black and denim and sharp cool haircuts like the bob.  Rebellion will be all about the ankle sock.  Come to think of it, the ankle sock's now quite mainstream, I guess we'll have to bring back the long sock teamed with sandals?

The end of urban minimalism will be the resurgence of the floral culotte as the ultimate in style and bohemian inspired jewellery.  The new bohemian look will be the trend to follow.  Or we might all go vintage and wear curtains.  I was bemused to see a young peep wear what looked like a dress fashioned from a curtain.  I applaud anyone creative and clever enough to create and competently create their own dresses but if you can, try not to make it look like a curtain.  Actually, I suspect she paid "good money" as my parents say, to look like she spend hours making a dress from some curtains!

I used to rock the urban minimalism look (it's called being broke, I guess being broke was cool in the nineties as nearly everyone and their family was).  I really rocked the bohemian look with a preppy edge though.  I still do fluctuate between the two.  Now, I really should go and do some vacuuming as I've finished my second cup of coffee and I am running out of procrastinating strategies.

Is it just me, or are these proposed trends for interiors also a repeat of past fashions?


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