Two fire engines and coffee

There is nothing like fire engine sirens to get me out of bed, and swearing, in the morning.  Admittedly, by the time I heard the sirens I should have been out of bed.  Thankfully the fire was a distance away and under control within minutes.

Today we have blissfully chilled out weather and the rain clouds are splatting a little.  I'm hoping for proper rainfall but so far nothing.

I'm drinking percolator coffee because it requires minimal thought and I'm not quite awake yet.  My hair is up and I'm neat and tidily dressed in jeans and a t-shirt because I was thinking I would have to get ready to go.  While the fire was a couple of kilometres away driving, it was much faster as a fire flows through nearby suburban bush.

Hopefully the cool weather will hold and rain will fall.  Hobart has been covered in a plume of smoke the last couple of days and our dedicated fire crews needs some relief.

I will probably take today pretty easy after I've spent a little while doing a basic clean up.  If the rain continues in a rain-on-tin-roof way then I might even curl up on the couch with a good book...actually a DVD or two is more likely.  I seem to go through reading phases.  Sometimes I find it easy and illuminating and other times my attention span seems to be lacking.  I do get bored if I watch TV/movies too much.  If I find a good blog, then I love to read those.  Half my problem is I've been a voracious reader, particularly as a teen, so when I say I've read a book, I probably have.

The rain sounds like it's going to set in.  I'm thankful that I will not have to water the garden today!  The baby leeks and tomato plants might recover with the cooler weather and rain.  They have been looking dejected.  There are some healthy looking tiny capsicum plants that will also flourish. Tomorrow, I expect I will have enthused spinach coming out my ears!

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