Today, for the beach shack #7

Today, I saved for my shack by:

  • Finished Christmas present buying.  I keep it to a select few and usually have an extra few for occasional acts of random gift buying. 
  • While buying small things for Christmas, I also bought some groceries and stocked up on basics.  I did buy the odd treat but kept things pretty simple.  I bought some Ceylon grade tea to get us all through the Christmas season.
  • My mum's phone decided to stop working.  I switched it on and off and it decided to co-operate.  Unfortunately, Mum bought a phone whose technology was redundant at purchase.  Mum needs an upgrade but will refuse until it completely stops working.
  • My computer refused to switch on, and I was resigned to likely needing to a buy a new one. My solutions included:  a keyboard for an iPad; a new notebook ; use Mum's computer temporarily.  
  • Thankfully, the notebook turned out to just need a thirty second press of the power button, and updates installed, and it's a good as new.  I had problems when installing updates in the past and had avoided them.  Today's lesson: at some point, computers need upgrades or they sulk.
  • I would have bought a new notebook because it's one thing I use daily and it's nice to have the ability to close my room and write when I want to.  At less than three hundred dollars it's a relatively frugal luxury over time.
  • Put two loads of washing on the line and hoping the wind will dry it overnight.  It's been so windy there was no point putting it out earlier.
  • Cleaned up for a potential visitor but they seem to have forgotten about turning up tonight.  The house is now much cleaner anyway.
  • Had a soak in the bath with epsom salts to easy body aches.  Still aching but less that I was.
  • Used french clay that was a Christmas present from nine years ago to give myself a low cost effective facial.  Brilliant stuff and highly economical!

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