Time spent with people...

Now the new year is upon us, I'm sure some of you are taking a look at your life and finances.  This quote, from an article on The Simple Dollar, is worth considering when looking at your budget:

"The thing is, when it comes to the end of your days, you won’t think back positively on all of the hours you spent working for other people. You won’t think of the stops at Starbucks or the little treats. You won’t think about a shiny new car or a big perfect house.
You’ll instead think about the experiences. You’ll think about the time spent with people. You’ll think about the relationships you had with people. You’ll think about the people that you’ve loved and the people that loved you.
Those are the things that define your life and, really, you don’t need a whole lot of extra money to have those things in spades. Those are the things that are worth working for."

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