The Great Christmas Chuck Out

The annual Great Christmas Chuck Out has begun.  I thought we might get through Christmas without a throw out and reorganise binge by The Head Gardener (mum) but I was wrong.

Two large plastic containers of platters and cups will wend their way to the op shop when I go and run errands.  They are sitting in my car boot already to be thrown out.  Meanwhile the table is covered in crockery that we are keeping while The Head Gardener sorts out here current configuration for the living area.

I am physically exhausted but I am always keen to help The Head Gardener when she threatens to throw things out.  There's only so much stuff I can cope with.  I really like minimal decorative items, a comfortable bed, a fast computer, coffee machine and a view out the window.  There's really not that much else I need to keep me happy except the occasional stash of essentials so I can avoid shops and a beautiful view out the window.  I love an inspiring view.

When I was a child we lived in a very small house with a big yard and a beautiful view.  Though freezing in winter, it's essentially what I aspire to.  Mind, teenagers are enough to make anyone want a bigger house!  Our second house was the perfect fit at the time which is all we can ask for.  Mum's pretty good at regular chuck outs but with a bigger house it's easier to accumulate, and fewer people in the house...something to bed said for just enough space.

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