Talented? Do not expect recognition

Fascinating quote about C.S. Lewis according to Christianity Today, he was not appreciated much during his life for his writing and his faith.  Yet, what a positive influence he has had on millions of people.
Lewis was hurt by the disapproval of friends and colleagues, but it was by no means a new experience for him. although he enjoyed the conviviality of weekly get-togethers with fellow Inklings (intellectuals and writers who met regularly to exchange ideas), and the prodigious successes of his books, Lewis was frequently under attack for his decidedly Christian lifestyle. Even close Christian friends like Owen Barfield and J.R.R. Tolkien openly disapproved of Lewis's evangelistic speaking and writing.
In fact, Lewis's "Christian" books caused so much disapproval that he was more than once passed over for a professorship at Oxford, with the honors going to men of lesser reputation. It was Magdalene College at Cambridge University that finally honored Lewis with a chair in 1955 and thereby recognized his original and important contributions to English literary history and criticism.

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