Smurf (Blue) feet

I was wafting my feet about while talking to The Head Gardener (my mum) when she asked me why they were blue.  To which I replied, well, I must need a little more thyroid medication.  Now, I am over the worst of the flu hopefully I can find just the right dose again so my feet do not go blue (within the limits the doctor told me)!  I've been taking less due to fevers from flu (did not feel cold) and I have been putting water weight on again, so I need a little more.

Today, I was still quite tired from all the medical dramas.  I spent most of the morning reading an addictive book, "Road to Rouen" by Ben Hatch.  It has all the hallmarks of a good book: a beginning that reeled me in; funny scenes; family drama; an adventure.  It's all about Ben and his family's trip around France, his family, travel and their financial stretches.  I cried too when he related about family grief.  It's such a good book, get off this blog and read it now!

Anyway, after the addictive read, I pottered about and did some housework.  It took me three tries to get the compost in the compost bin.  I walked upstairs to get it, and went outside twice before I actually got the bin and placed it outside.  Then I went to put the recycling into the bin and nearly placed plastic in the compost.  I was a little tired.  I made a big pot of tea and gave up on doing many other chores.

After a pot of tea, I did end up making yogurt, folding washing, doing dishes and other chores.  The concerted effort to rest this morning to reduce likelihood of grumpiness was a very good idea.  I was in pain and I'm glad I made myself take it easy.  I slept well last night, hopefully, when I get to bed, which should have been an hour ago, I will sleep well!  Night!    

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