Smokin' hot back pain with a venegence

After forgetting I had arthritis last week the pain has revisited and really let me know that I have a spine that is less than perfect.  I've been walking and swimming but it's not substitute for doing exercises and flexing the spine regularly.  Weight training was thrown into the mix and while it's good for general strength and muscle tone, it's still no substitute for getting on the floor and putting my back through it's paces.

Last night, I made myself do a few minutes of not so gentle Pilates exercises and a few physio stretches thrown in to the mix.  Was I sore?  Oh yes, very.  I'm still a little sore and headache ridden but beginning to get there.  More Pilates while watching something on television tonight!

Heat definitely makes a difference to the type of arthritis I have in my spine so I often spend time at night with a hot water bottle on the back of chairs, even in summer.  Hot baths help when it's less generally spine pain and more like all over body pain (which is more likely related to chronic fatigue).

My workout is loosely based on exercises I learnt from the Pilates DVD by Aerobics Oz Style if you want something to help your back and tummy muscles tone and reduce pain.  I did spend the morning in bed recovering from pushing my body back into healing mode.  It's a definite improvement.

Things that may help your back pain:

  1. Hot or cold packs.  For me heat seems to do magical things
  2. Core body exercises.  Pilates and other physio exercises seem to be important in keeping the spine healthy.  Make sure you know how to do exercises correctly.  Do see a sports physio, and consider doing classes at a gym, for good a foundation in how to exercies.
  3. Swimming is good for general relaxation and can help overall.
  4. I take high dose tumeric to help keep the inflammation in my spine under control.  Talk to your doctor before considering this approach and check it will not interact with medication etc with your pharmacist.  Do not take tumeric with NSAIDs.
Disclaimer: for treatment plans and medication advice talk to your treating medical team.  This is my plan for my type of arthritis, all treatment plans should be individualised.

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