Psychology today - 10 Ways to make your life better

These are good strategies to make life better even when it's tough.  I looked for other articles but they are far too self focused, or long winded for my liking.  Three and eight are hard but worth it!

In summary:

  1. Be grateful for what you have
  2. Prepare for tomorrow, tonight
  3. Take the high road and grow up 
  4. Work hard for reward
  5. Feelings are important but not facts
  6. Get help if you feel helpless or hopeless all the time
  7. Keep to a routine (be flexible where needed)
  8. Drop resentments
  9. It says "Know who you really are, and learn to honor yourself" but I think it is important, and leads to a happier life to honor and serve others while looking after myself, so I can continue to serve.
  10. Find the good in your day.  Some days can be miserable.  A cup of tea and a rest can make a difference.

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